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Waiting to hear if offer accepted after 3 weeks

We made an offer on a property 3 weeks ago and still haven't heard if its been accepted - 
The property is in a complex of others and all for sale individually (with the same vendor), we offered the asking price and are cash buyers.

We've rung the agents each week but they keep saying that the vendors "haven't decided yet", and that there are "other factors to consider". We know that at least 2 other people were interested in the property, and the agent said that they have made "reasonable" offers.

We feel that the agents are stringing us along, we asked if anyone had offered over the asking price and if it would go to best and final offers, each time the answer was "no".

We don't want to loose this house, but don't want to keep nagging the agents and be nuisances - any advice? 



  • EssexHebridean
    EssexHebridean Forumite Posts: 19,042
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    I'd be inclined to at the very least continue actively looking while you're waiting - the vendors can hardly expect you to simply sit tight and "remain faithful" as it were while they try to work out if they can get a better offer from elsewhere. personally I'd also be a little concerned that they might subsequently do the dirty on you along the line should they get a higher offer from someone at that stage. 

    Don't feel uncomfortable about nagging the agents if needed either - that's precisely what they are paid their not insignificant commission for! 
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  • Bigphil1474
    Bigphil1474 Forumite Posts: 1,957
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    I'd make a point of making sure the estate agent is aware you were looking elsewhere as well. 
  • Liz_Rose
    Liz_Rose Forumite Posts: 6
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    We are still actively looking, and have told the agent that we do have another property in mind. However, this one is our favoured one and we don't want to loose it.
    Our other concern is whether the agents have actually passed our offer on to the vendor. We have no proof that they have done this (and are telling us the truth about the whole situation) apart from their word.
  • Jonboy_1984
    Jonboy_1984 Forumite Posts: 878
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    Got strung along a couple of times last year in peak market and frankly would ring the estate agent and say answer by Friday or consider offer withdrawn…stringing people along in the current market suggests they are not serious in selling IMO.
  • Mstty
    Mstty Forumite Posts: 4,209
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    The best way to make sure the agents know you are looking elsewhere is to book to view other properties they market.
  • nicmyles
    nicmyles Forumite Posts: 240
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    Three weeks is a ridiculous amount of time to consider an offer for. If they're looking for more, they should come back and say "the vendor is looking for more." Then normally you would say "okay, we'll leave it on the table, let us know if their position changes."

    Just keep looking. You lose nothing leaving the offer hanging out there. I'm not sure there is much way to force the issue, other than imposing a deadline. But personally think it's only worth doing that if you'd found somewhere else but still preferred the first place.

    They have to pass your offer on, nothing really in it for them not to.
  • Herzlos
    Herzlos Forumite Posts: 14,367
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    Are you willing to risk losing out on it? Because there's nothing stopping you informing them that you're seriously considering somewhere else and will withdraw your offer if it's not accepted in the next week.

    If you show the EA a property from another EA, then that may also give them a bit of incentive to move forward as their clients delay will potentially cost them commission.

    If you really want it, then you can always ask if there's a figure or terms that they'll accept.
  • Liz_Rose
    Liz_Rose Forumite Posts: 6
    Fifth Anniversary First Post Combo Breaker
    Update: we rang the agent and he told us that the vendors (who are elderly) have been speaking to their adult children who have got involved in the sale :# The agent spoke to them this morning and has said they need to give an answer by Friday - he sounded as fed up as we are! Fingers crossed its good news
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