Free advice - Don't feed your pets leftovers or choccie treats

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I have been watching BBC news this morning that contained an interesting interview about the toxic poisonous side effects that household pets (dogs, cats etc) incur having been fed leftovers from human meals. Stuffing was one of the worst together with rice and chocolate. I cannot find the piece on the Beeb website but did come across this that may be of interest to those with dogs:-

Never realsied how toxic Lillies were for pets, especially cats:-
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  • well lots of dog food contains rice so i thought i could feed them left overs, i will avoid this , thanks
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    Ive always known about chocolate and rice but didnt know about the stuffing! i know that the chocolate speeds up their heart rate so they are nearly having a heart attack :(
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    Whenever my dog has been poorly, the vet has told me to feed her chicken and rice! No wonder she wouldn't touch it. :(
    She was very ill 2 years ago, house full of guests at Christmas, and all sorts of 'treats' were no doubt coming her way. She ended up being really sick overnight, turned out she had pancreatitis and now has to follow a low fat diet - she eats better than we do! :rotfl:
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  • If rice is so bad for dogs how do they explain the rice in dog food available in most shops?
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    TBH my dogs are always getting leftovers and little bits of chocolate if there's any around, they are never ill. I had one dog before these who lived to 16 years old, virtually never went to the vets and was always fed left overs (and chocolate!) and was always slim and healthy. They are only fed dry dog food, so I always feel a bit sorry for them and give them little titbits of what I'm eating!! One is a little plump but otherwise they have stomachs of steel......................
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    isn't left-over rice pretty dodgy stuff? I'm sure I've heard/read that it starts to ferment or something really quickly.:confused:

    Then again, I regularly eat it after zapping it in the microwave!:o
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    my ex's mum fed her dog chicken and rice coz it had colitis (sp) thats what she was told to feed it.

    Rice is bad for us to never touch it when your abroad coz bacteria grows on it so fast its unreal i went to egypt in october and was seriously ill because of the rice you'd think it was safe. how wrong was we!

    Stephb xx
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    My dogs love there sunday dinner and will be getting some on christmas day. Its all about feeding them sensibly, and that includes not giving them choccies and anything with onions in. I give them some veg, meat a small yorkshire pud and some watered down gravy, this replaces there usual dog food, they love it.

    Whenever we have a party, we always have a bowl of dog treats/dried food on the table, and ask guests not to feed them the human food, but to offer them the dog treats instead.

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    Rice is fine - as others have said, it's often in propietary dog foods - left over rice is the problem, just as it can be a risk to us....
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  • One of my cats is a total chocoholic, yesterday he was even picking up quality street sweets and trying to get the wrappers off! My stepdad told me not to let them have turkey or choccie but I didn't believe him - my last cat lived to be 24 and whilst she never ate choccie, she always had turkey on xmas day. Will keep them away from the choccie in future now I know though
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