Why can I hear my detached neighbour hammering?

Hi people. We recently moved into a semi detached house a few months ago and can clearly hear our neighbour that are detached from us hammering in their home. We can also hear it upstairs in the bedrooms that sit along the same gable wall. When we put our ear to that wall it's almost as if someone is in the wall hammering haha. It's defintely not coming from our attached neighbour as she is a 90 year old lady who doesn't do DIY. It's really odd. How is it possible to hear this hammering when there is at least an 8 foot gap between our homes? any builders here know why? Thanks.


  • CSI_Yorkshire
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    You can hear lots of things from more than 8 feet away, even with a wall between.

    Is it the fact that you can hear noise is confusing you, or the fact that it sounds like hammering?
  • Typhoon2000
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    I don’t think this is anything to do with builders but rather physicists and how sound travels and reflects.
  • subjecttocontract
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    Are you sure it's not your wall he is hammering ?
  • theoretica
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    If the sound doesn't seem to be travelling through the air it could be travelling down their wall, in the ground and then up your wall.
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    Could it be through your pipes?
    My detached neighbour and I have the same layout and the ensuite loo can make a honking  noise if no other water has been run beforehand. So must be pipes. I have mentioned this.
    I know when she is in there as the noise comes in my walls. Just working out how to bring the subject up  :D 

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  • Jonboy_1984
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    Are you sure it’s hammering next door? Our town has just been enjoying the noise of piling 24/7 from a railway bridge repair site three miles away for several days, and had the same in our last property when they electrified the great western mainline…
  • sheramber
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    Have you mentioned it to your  neighbours?
  • Gaz85
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    Thanks for the replies, it was the neighbour hammering yesterday after asking them today, felt like an idiot asking and explaining what we heard but we are on friendly terms, they was putting something up in the daughters bedroom. Her wall is along their gable so it seems like a strong vibration noise such as hammering acts like a speaker on the wall and can travel down their wall, under the path that separates our two properties and then up our wall. Very strange but seems like it can.
  • Postik
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    Secret passage under your floor that leads to the neighbour's house?
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