Small fly problem in kitchen

Despite a deep clean, putting out vinger and a series of sticky fly traps (see pictured), and hoovering up several flies every evening with our mini hoover, they just keep coming! Does anyone have any suggestions?


  • daveyjp
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    They are fruit flies which oive on decaying fruit and other sugary substances.  Remove these and they will go.
  • twopenny
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    Yes, it's increasing. Possibily because we've upset the insect balance.
    There is something, maybe a fruit bowl or partially eaten fruit etc that attracts them.
    I use the old fashioned/ currently trendy expandible net to cover any fruits or tomatoes
    If your neighbours have them they'll come to you too.

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  • slhqoue
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    Thanks both. Unfortunately there's no fruit out on display, rotten or otherwise. We have some onions out in the other room but they don't seem to attract the flies... 
  • flashg67
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    could be what we've had -  an infestation of fungus gnats which live in house plant compost - we tried every online remedy we could find but ended up starting again with house plants and new compost :(
  • RedFraggle
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    Was going to say the same. One of my house plants got a severe infestation of them. I repotted and bought some No gnat 
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  • Catsacor
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    Yup, agree with fruit fly.
    A houseplant with dried compost is enough to create them, if the greenery is softening and/or dieing back you'll get them appearing.
    It doesn't even have to be in the same room as the cause - they'll drift through the home environment.
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