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Total parking solutions unfair parking charge

I was hoping for some advice in reference to a parking charge that has been slapped on me, which I feel is totally unfair and unjust. This is my written story on what happened (attached). I keep getting the same letters from BW Legal who are representing Total Parking Solutions LTD. Who keep threatening me with court action, despite supplying them with my court evidence as I did pay for my parking ticket (as explained in my story). I am a University student and really can’t afford a solicitor and also suffer with my mental health and am medicated for it, as you can imagine it really had effected my mental health in a bad way. I was hoping that you could advise me on the best way to try and resolve this situation? I have got all the relevant paperwork to prove my case which I have sent to BW Legal and they just keep sending me a repeat copy of a letter threatening to take me to court and telling me that it will go to county court claim and that I will incur even more legal costs which is quite frightening. I really didn’t know quite what else to do so I’m hoping you can point me in the right direction. 

Many thanks,
Maddison Dyer 


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    @MaddisonDyer welcome to the forum. At least you are now in the right place to get advice on how to deal with this scam that you now find yourself in. You must read, re-read and read again the Newbies thread near the top of this forum where the process you are now involved in is explained.

    For now, have you actually received a Letter of Claim from BWL? If not, there is little you can do until/if you get one. However, you should SAR the DPO at Total Parking Solutions Ltd.

    If you have received a letter of claim from BWL, then all the steps are advised in the Newbies thread.

    Just for your information, the bottom-dwelling scammers you are now dealing with care not one iota about any mitigating circumstances. All they want is your money and they will stoop lower than S-bend in your toilet to get it.

    It is probably too late for any appeals now anyway but have you approached the University about getting them to get the PCN cancelled as they are equally liable for the actions of their agents.

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    When you appealed to TPS in 2022, if you did, did they offer to settle at £20 as required by the BPA Code of Practice?

    What's the latest letter from BW Legal?  Is it a Letter of Claim?

    Have you also pointed out to them in writing, that this was a mere 'keying error' due to app failure to recognise the VRM?

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