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Charged for someone else's car twice - again!

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Hello, in Nov 2021, I posted that someone was racking up fines in my name because their number plate is similar to mine. The thread was here: They're back for round 2! Instead of Transport for London, it's now two PCNs from London Borough of Lambeth. Last time, TFL's online complaints procedure was a mess and they didn't accept my appeals. I followed the advice given here and went through Resolver. It worked and things have been fine...until now.

Should I go straight to Resolver this time? Or use the PCN online representations? The only PCN grounds for representations option that I think fits my case is this: "The alleged contravention did not occur", but that didn't work for me when I appealed to TFL. Technically the contravention did occur, but it was someone else's car doing it. It looks like the same car from last time!

My proof of innocence is:
  • The other driver and I both have a black car (I sold the silver one last year and transferred the number plate to this car), but our rear lights are different. Mine are vertical, the other car's are horizontal.
  • The Resolver letter from TFL showing their mistake and issuing a refund.
  • I have cctv showing my car was parked outside my house at the time.
  • The photos I saved from the TFL incident, showing the differences between my car and the other one.
  • Photos showing how similar our number plates are.
So, should I try Resolver straight away or go through the PCN appeals online first? Would I be allowed to try both at the same time?

Photo shows our number plates. Mine ends with B. Their number plate ends with D.


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