Working place pension paying in for 3 years but wasn't enrolled

Basically I as far as I was concerned I auto enrolled into the the working place pension scheme 3 years ago. Both myself and the company I work for have been paying into this ever since. I have just received a email from the company my employer uses to say they are going to auto enroll me in the scheme this April. So 3 years ago I was not enrolled. My employer has said that they didn't know this until recently and all my and their contributions will be paid to provider in the next few months. But surely my employer should of known this 3 years ago and not sorted the problem out until I found out from provider so how much have I missed out and is my employer breaking any rules by holding payments all this time.


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    Did you get any paperwork? Welcome Pack and so on? Did you get annual statements about your pension scheme? If not, why did you not chase this up with the company and pension provider? The company may not even know you did not have the pension scheme set up for you. Frankly, I understand from your post that they are making all the contributions to date, so it looks like it will be all sorted. The best you can expect is to ask the company/pension provider to put you in the position as if you were potentially contributing over the last three years.
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    Sounds just like an admin error.
    You could argue you have missed out on investment growth in the meantime. However
    1) It depends what the investments would have been in the pension
    2) In 2020, markets dived due to Covid, then recovered again. 2021 was a good year, but 2022 was the opposite.
    3) To begin with you would only have had small amounts invested.
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