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Set Aside - Uk Parking Control Limited

Dear All

I had one letter from 'DBL Legal' (makes me laugh they call themselves that) on behalf of Uk Parking Control Limited stating one of the 2 claims against me they will be (i assume) discontinuing, application to set aside.  having just checked MCOL it appears the 2nd 'case' they were pursuing against me also has an application to set aside (although i have not received any letter on this one)
Should i be celebrating that they are pulling out, or should i be worried.  I am in half a mind to counter claim this awful company for the months  of stress they have caused me

Any tips or advice would be appreciated


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    @hertsguy74, this is the third thread you have started on the parking board.
    Is your above post related to your other threads?

    I ask because frankly your above post is pretty meaningless without some background.

    You mention 'discontinuing'. You mention 'set aside'.
    Which is it?

    You also mention 'DBL Legal'. Do you mean DCB Legal?
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    yes it is related and sorry i meant DCB Legal  
    Sorry i was unable to locate my other thread
    I had one letter from DCB legals stating to assist the court in achieving its overiding objective our client may be prepared to make  an offer to conclude this matter  settlement at this stage would avoid further potential costs being incurred, yet on the mcol website it state application to be set aside 
    with the first penalty ticket i got a letter from QDR on behalf  of  UK Parking Control with clients notice of discontinuance
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    Sorry i was unable to locate my other thread.
    To find your other threads, click on your username to the left of any of your posts...

    Then click on Discussions and scroll down to see all the discussions/threads that you have started...

    You should then see something like this...

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