Mid-Contract Price Increase - Breakdown Insurance

Watch out.  Dynamo Breakdown Cover.  Just had an email announcing my mid-year price increase.  Of course, didn't fully appreciate this feature when purchased.  Dynamo are increasing my premium, mid-year, by £11.74 (32%), based upon a 13.4% increase in the RPI + 3.8%.  So they're not increasing the price from this point onward, but backdating it to last November, when I took out the contract.  They're not just uprating to reflect increased costs, but adding an extra £3.8%.  They're not basing the increase on the premium I paid in the first place, but on a the premium against which they say they had applied a discount for me.  Crafty, opaque process designed to allow them to increase prices mid-term, so that they can publish a price when you search for a provider which is not what you'll actually pay.  So, devious too.  It's like buying baked beans, storing them on your shelf then getting a bill from the supermarket weeks later telling you the beans actually went up when you bought them.  Watch out for these enabling clauses in future.  I'll not be renewing with Dynamo.  I tried to tell them so, but they referred me to a bot.
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