NI overpayment ?

My salary for this tax year (approx £10500) kept me just below the threshold for ni deductions. This salary included a backdated uplift which was paid in Decembers wage and because it exceeded my ni for that month i was deducted £59 ni. Is this correct or do i need to claim it back and from who?


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    There is no claim back for NI except in limited circumstances.  Receiving back pay is not one of them.
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    Its probably correct.
    NI tax  is calculated differently to Income tax (IT).

    Income tax is easy to understand as its an annual allowance i.e. in a tax year if you earn £12,570 or less you pay no IT 
    NI tax is not calculated on an annual basis, its done on a time period i.e. weekly, fortnightly, monthly etc... so if your paid monthly and if you are paid over £1,048 in that month, you will have to pay NI

    Its done this way because Income Tax is charged not on just your salary, the government will also take into consideration things like Savings, Pensions, Property etc.. While NI is not charged on these things.

    I'm sure someone more clearer than me will post the correct answer in the next few minutes (i'm off to refill my whiskey).

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