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Notice of Intention to Proceed - BW Legal

Claim form - 16 December 2022

Defence submitted (email to CCBCAQ) - 15 January 2022

Notice of intention to proceed - 13 February 2022

Claim amount - £1,381.25

Breakdown - £700 (7 PCNs), £31.25 interest, £490 recovery costs, £80 Court fee, £80 legal costs

Details -

Stayed in a hotel with work for for 8 nights over 2 seperate weeks.

Car park is Britannia Parking Group, managed for Jury's Inn hotel.

Wk1 - Paid for parking at hotel desk £10pn, and have it on my invoice. Stayed with pregnant wife who was going through a miscarriage (all documented), parked in disabled bay because of this, no blue badge but none needed because private land - defence discusses equality act.

Wk2 - Paid for parking at reception, have it on invoice. Must have put registration in wrong - defence discusses this.

I complained to the hotel manager after the claim form came through, she passed it on to the reception manager who told me 

"I have spoken with the car parking company and they have advised this has been taken to the legal company. They have reached out to the legal company to see if this can be cancelled however they are waiting a response."


  • patient_dreampatient_dream Forumite
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    The Manager is being fobbed off by Britannia

    BWLegal are simply a pawn in the scam.  Britannia instructed BWLegal and they can dis-instruct them as well.

    Think of the old phrase ... " The Organ Grinder and the Monkey"

    BRITANNIA IS THE ORGAN GRINDER and they do not need permission from BWLegal to cancel

    I would contact the CEO of the hotel to firstly to say that the parking company has lied to his manager and secondly, does he want your future business
  • DownwithPPCsDownwithPPCs Forumite
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    @patient_dream imo Bw Legal and all the other 'solicitor' firms that act for these parasites are much more than just pawns, they are just as bad as the parking companies, and they're clearly all in bed together. Once each claim moves to the cowboy solicitor firm the parking company washes their hands, and the cowboy solicitor firm takes up the mantle, who are just as aggressive and unreasonable as the parking company. They are two parts of the same machine.

    @chad888 I would be surprised if this does not get laughed out of court.
  • B789B789 Forumite
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    When were these PCNs issued? I'll hazard a guess here... c2017? Have a look at this thread which shows what happens to well defended claims by this scamming roboclaim firm. DCB LEGAL RECORD OF PRIVATE PARKING COURT CLAIM DISCONTINUATIONS

    Whatever the case, you are very likely to defeat these bottom-dwelling scammers with the advice here.

    Can you show us the PoC?
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