Virgin / Clydesdale / Yorkshire bank aaagh

Not been on here a while but after 4 hours on phones and on-line this morning I am at my wit's end with this triumvirate.

I had a Clydesdale account, and a Yorks Bank ISA and a Virgin M Plus account which 'arrived' because they took over Clydesdale ... yet they are  not on the same dashboard, can't be integrated, and each requires different sign in routines. I wish to move a poor 1% ISA Yorks to Virgin 4.25%, I was told on phone after 50 minute wait I could do this on line with 90 day penalty but no way is it possible.  The whole thing is a complete mess, just goes around in circles, and can't even access the account unless I accept paper-free!

Is it just me or am I about to be overwhelmed by others with similar frustrations?


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