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My experience of getting a house,/heating grant on UC

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I hope this is the right forum

I live in a semi detached house that had no heating installed, I live on my own and claim universal ctredit

And this is my story of getting grants. 

It started last June when someone on Twitter said I should try for a grant for heating. I checked for companies in Somerset and tried City energy because they do work for Meddip Council. 

I talked to them over the phone and they said I will have no problem getting a grant and its all fitted for free and they arranged for a surveyor to come and a week or so later he can and look around the house he was a really nice bloke and said I should be able to get solar panel, loft and wall insulation and a heat pump fitted and said I would hear in a couple of weeks which I did and the letter said they would fit solar panels which I gave the go a head and a couple of weeks later they came and fitted them and they work brilliant and save me money and they now belong to me and were totally free. But heard nothing about anything else it was now the beginning of August last year and out of the Blue the surveyor rang me and said he was surprised they only fitted the solar panels and had a moan to them about it and then said he will work to my advantage because I got the panels on the old grant scheme and the new one started on August 1 and seeing the panels didn't change the heat rating of the house I could also get a grant on the new scheme and said he would give the company another month and if they don't do more he would give the work to another company and said don't worry he would get heating for me.

About 6 weeks later I got a call from another company (RMS energy) who said my work has been past over to them and the arranged for a surveyor to come he came and afterwards he said I should be able to get loft insulation and internal wall insulation, a electric air vent fitted in each room and fit an air source heat pump and hot water system all for free. Must admit I wasn't 100% sure but a couple of weeks later my house were full of workmen and they put in the loft insulation, fans and internal wall insulation it took 4 days but was all done. 

A month or so later they rang and said they were planning the heating system then heard nothing for another month then they rang and said they would get it installed by Christmas a couple of weeks before Christmas they said they had past the plans on to a heating company to do the work. But it's hit a snag they need to get SSE in to survey my meter to check the wiring and what the amp load of the main fuse is. A couple of weeks later just before Christmas he came and said the wiring is fine bt the fuse is only 60 amp and needs upgrading to 100amp and they needed to do a quote to upgrade it and when they give the go ahead they would fit it about a month ago it was fitted and the next day all the workmen turned up and fitted the heat pump and hot water pump. that is working brilliantly. 

So if you are on UC or a low income it's well worth trying for grants. 

For me it was brilliant ok it may had taken longer than I thought but in the end I got over £20,000 worth of work done totally free. 

So give it a go. 

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