Creating new kitchen and removing wall

Hi everyone 
looking for opinions on changing layout of extension on my 1930s semi.
I have attached original layout and proposed layout


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    What improvement are you hoping for? What do you need from your house?  What are you missing?  How differently do you want to be able to live there?  

    You can't advise on design with adressing the client's needs.  Sometime you can have a guess from the drawing, but it's giving me  nothing.  

    Looking at your changes to the architect's drawings, you've lost a toilet/shower room in favour of one extra cabinet and a big window.  

    There's also a garage potentially crying out for conversion.  

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    There is an amazing view from the extension hence putting in landscaped window and potentially moving kitchen up alongside the window to utilise the view and make kitchen slightly bigger
    garage conversion will be a lot more money
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    Vik91 said:
    There is an amazing view from the extension hence putting in landscaped window...
    I agree with Doozergirl about the need to be really clear about your objectives.

    Also, making modifications to an extension can be tricky, as often they aren't built to the same standards/quality as the original building.

    E.g. opening the rear window(s) up might not be feasible depending on how the roof has been constructed, and how essential the central 'pillar' of masonry is to the structure.  Installing a steel beam over the whole (larger) opening could be an option, but only if there is enough depth in the roof structure to fit it in without having to lower the head of the window to a level which looks odd. It would also be easy to spend a lot of money on structural alterations without really achieving much.

    The starting point should really be understanding how the existing extension works and the feasibility of making alterations to it.  In some cases it wouldn't be difficult to spend more money on alterations than it would cost to demolish and start again.  And starting again (if the budget is available) gives the potential to do something very different and meet your objectives more effectively.
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    Budget is about 30,000 pounds and steel beam is a possibility 
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    How often do you use the dining room? Whilst wetroom off kitchen is not ideal it does at least give you a ground floor wc which is expected these days. You could extend current dining room and knock through to create kitchen diner family room retaining wetroom and current lounge which could be used as extra bedroom if needed.
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    Thanks I use the dining room a lot aswell as an office. I do perceive problems with planning as removing toilet downstairs
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    Hi OP

    Not sure is the 30k is enough or more than enough as there are many variables

    Ask one of the builders re their ideas when they come around to quote as most wohuld have in many properties like yours
    and seen what works and what does not. However, the outlook you have from the rooms may also be a decing factor as well as light/sun

    Good luck

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