Adult Childcare credits

Having followed Martin's guidance my wife has just (today) been given 44 months of specified childcare credits for periods she has looked after our granddaughter. My wife started receiving her State Pension in February 2021. Our question is are these additional months "contributions" auromatically reflected in her pension or do we have to contact DWP? Whilst on the subject will the changes to her pension be back dated? Thanks in anticipation. G.


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    To answer my own question... I amazingly got through to DWP in minutes and a very helpful guy with a Northern Ireland accent answered both my questions.
    a) HMRC do communicate the result direct to DWP (but he suggested I contact HMRC to ask if they'd done so!);
    b) The increase in my wife's pension will be back dated until the time (2/2/21) that she received her State Pension.
    So a good result.. a possible £90 every 4 weeks on her pension (rising by 10+% in April) and approx. £2k back pension!!!
    Many thanks to Martin for his guidance!!!! G.
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    well done!! and thanks for updating.  
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