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MSE News: Shop at Sainsbury's? You can get up to £25 in bonus Nectar points – but there are catches

MSE_PetarMSE_Petar MSE Staff
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Nectar cardholders can get between 50 and 5,000 extra points – worth 25p to £25 – when shopping at Sainsbury's on Saturday 4 February. But you'll need to spend at least £20 and do so at a larger store, as the offer is not available at any of Sainsbury's 800 Local outlets.

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'Sainsbury's shopper? You can get up to £25 in bonus Nectar points next weekend – but there are some catches'

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  • retiringtoosoonretiringtoosoon Forumite
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    Didn’t work for me this morning. No coupons forthcoming 
  • Phil28sthPhil28sth Forumite
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    Looks like this is not working for anyone when browsing other forums online. Store in Winchester had no idea of the offer, mentioned none of their coupon machines have been working for weeks and we’re guessing the voucher goes on the app. Nothing so far after 5 hours of shopping so this looks to be a right mess and con
  • sharpinfsharpinf Forumite
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    Same as others no coupon on two transactions over £20, both 100% food spend and two different nectar card and the coupon printer was confirmed as working. No signs about the offer in store unlike when it's been on in previous years
  • blue_mumblue_mum Forumite
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    No coupon, asked the manager, lots had already asked. Told in the small print it is random and not everyone. Store manager was embarrassed that it was not clear.

    Total con to get people into store.
  • blue_mumblue_mum Forumite
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    Just got this response from nectar 

    Thank you I would like to inform you that there have been a technical issue going on with this offer due to which within 28 days of the purchase date you will be receiving a voucher for the promotion amount on your Nectar app

  • starboard_anchorstarboard_anchor Forumite
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    Not working on my Sainsburys shop. Staff didn't have a clue what was going on with it.

    Tried to ask Sainsburys on Facebook and got told to take it up with Nectar. 

    Nectar online chat was useless and just gave me a reference number and said they look at my enquiry in 28 days time...

    I think this is a scam to get people in stores... 
  • jaxkesajaxkesa Forumite
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    I asked at customer services after getting no coupon, the manager said it was a nationwide issue with the promotion and that Nectar/Sainsbury's are aware of it.

    They wrote something on my receipt and said I should bring it back next week when it's fixed.
  • martinjohnmartinjohn Forumite
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    Yep. Total scam. Did not receive anything.
  • SaverRateSaverRate Forumite
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    Didn't receive anything either!

    Although the actual Sainsburys shop was good this week getting a number of bargains etc. 
    FTB - April 2020 
  • martinjohnmartinjohn Forumite
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    I think the McDonald's monopoly prize scam was better myself

    Code rule 8.25 states that “Participants in instant-win promotions must get their winnings at once or must know immediately what they have won and how to claim without delay, cost or administrative barriers. Instant-win tickets, tokens or numbers must be awarded on a fair and random basis and verification must take the form of an independently audited statement that all prizes have been distributed, or made available for distribution, in that manner.”


    All those boxes have been ticked lol

    The staff were also informing customers in our store and others... It was random and you should keep trying even when it was not working!

    Sounds like all the big prizes were all distributed out to staff and friends after 7pm when it seemed to be quietly fixed.

    Asa make a complaint: asa.org.uk/make-a-complaint.html

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