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E: 31/01 WIN £200 Sainsbury’s Vouchers with Yeo Valley Organic - (Competition week 14)

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Your bad choices could win you £200 with Yeo Valley Organic!

We think Yeo Valley Organic is pretty much perfect!

Milk, butter, yogurt, cream, soups, dips, and cheese – all deliciously organic.

As well as creating delicious organic dairy, Yeo Valley Organic are all about making good choices, from solar powered cowsheds to farming with nature. 

Which is why we say yay to Yeo! Sadly, we can’t all be so good…

Tell us the most dubious choices you’ve made this week to win your weekly food shop!

Whether you’ve sent the kids to school in odd socks or chosen the footy over your anniversary, your dubious choices could win you £200 in Sainsbury’s vouchers with Yeo Valley Organic. 

Register now. And your story could be chosen in Emma B’s Packed Lunch! Plus tell us your favourite song too and we could play it for you too.


WIN £200 Sainsbury’s Vouchers with Yeo Valley Organic

To win, simply tell us the bad choice you made this week...


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    TERMS AND CONDITIONS for “Win £200 for your food shop on Magic Radio with Yeo Valley Organic, enter online”


    These terms and conditions (the “Specific Terms”) for the Competition should be read alongside  our general competition terms and conditions at: http://www.bauerlegal.co.uk/radio-competition-terms.html (the “General Terms”) which will also apply to this Competition. Where there is any conflict between these Specific Terms and the General Terms, the Specific Terms shall prevail.



    Entries are restricted to [one entry] per person.


    Entry to the Competition is available via the following routes:


    (A)    Online at [Latest Competitions News | Competitions Articles - Magic Radio (planetradio.co.uk)]

    Online entry is free of charge.


    Entrants will go online and tell us about a bad choice that they have made that day or week, then request a good song that counteracts the bad choice. The winners bad choice will be read out on air in Emma B’s Packed Lunch Feature every Wednesday.


    There will be a different winner every week on a Wednesday beginning 2ndNovember 2022 until Wednesday 21st June 2023. There will be just one winner each week.


    The prize winner(s) will be those persons whose bad choice and good song are successfully chosen by the judging panel, then read out and played on-air.


    Entries must be submitted during the following entry period:


    Competition announcement week 1: Wednesday 2nd Nov 2022
    Competition announcement week 2: Wednesday 9th Nov 2022

    Competition announcement week 3: Wednesday 16th Nov 2022
    Competition announcement week 4: Wednesday 23rd Nov 2022
    Competition announcement week 5: Wednesday 30th Nov 2022

    Competition announcement week 6: Wednesday 7th Dec 2022

    Competition announcement week 7: Wednesday 14th Dec 2022

    Competition announcement week 8: Wednesday 21st Dec 2022

    Competition announcement week 9: Wednesday 28th Dec 2022

    Competition announcement week 10: Wednesday 4th Jan 2023

    Competition announcement week 11: Wednesday 11th Jan 2023

    Competition announcement week 12: Wednesday 18th Jan 2023

    Competition announcement week 13: Wednesday 25th Jan 2023

    Competition announcement week 14: Wednesday 1st Feb 2023

    Competition announcement week 15: Wednesday 8th Feb 2023

    Competition announcement week 16: Wednesday 15th Feb 2023

    Competition announcement week 17: Wednesday 22nd Feb 2023

    Competition announcement week 18: Wednesday 1st Mar 2023

    Competition announcement week 19: Wednesday 8th Mar 2023

    Competition announcement week 20: Wednesday 15th Mar 2023

    Competition announcement week 21: Wednesday 22nd Mar 2023

    Competition announcement week 22: Wednesday 29th Mar 2023

    Competition announcement week 23: Wednesday 5th Apr 2023

    Competition announcement week 24: Wednesday 12th Apr 2023

    Competition announcement week 25: Wednesday 19th Apr 2023

    Competition announcement week 26: Wednesday 26th Apr 2023

    Competition announcement week 27: Wednesday 3rd May 2023

    Competition announcement week 28: Wednesday 10th May 2023

    Competition announcement week 29: Wednesday 17th May 2023

    Competition announcement week 30: Wednesday 24th May 2023

    Competition announcement week 31: Wednesday 31st May 2023

    Competition announcement week 32: Wednesday 7th Jun 2023

    Competition announcement week 33: Wednesday 14th Jun 2023

    Competition announcement week 34: Wednesday 21st Jun 2023


    Entries must be submitted at the following dates/times:

    Competition week 1: Start Date and End Date. From 26/10/2022 at 00:01 am until 01/11/2022 at 12pm
    Competition week 2: Start Date and End Date. From 02/11/2022 at 00:01 am until 08/11/2022 at 12pm

    Competition week 3: Start Date and End Date. From 09/11/2022 at 00:01 am until 15/11/2022 at 12pm

    Competition week 4: Start Date and End Date. From 16/11/2022 at 00:01 am until 22/11/2022 at 12pm

    Competition week 5: Start Date and End Date. From 23/11/2022 at 00:01 am until 29/11/2022 at 12pm

    Competition week 6: Start Date and End Date. From 30/11/2022 at 00:01 am until 06/12/2022 at 12pm

    Competition week 7: Start Date and End Date. From 07/12/2022 at 00:01am until 13/11/2022 at 12pm

    Competition week 8: Start Date and End Date. From 14/12/2022 at 00:01am until 20/12/2022 at 12pm

    Competition week 9: Start Date and End Date. From 21/12/2022 at 00:01am until 27/12/2022 at 12pm

    Competition week 10: Start Date and End Date. From 28/12/2022 at 00:01am until 03/01/2023 at 12pm

    Competition week 11: Start Date and End Date. From 04/01/2023 at 0:01am until 10/01/2023 at 12pm

    Competition week 12: Start Date and End Date. From 11/01/2023 at 00:01am until 17/01/2023 at 12pm

    Competition week 13: Start Date and End Date. From 18/01/2023 at 00:01am until 24/01/2023 at 12pm

    Competition week 14: Start Date and End Date. From 25/01/2023 at 00:01am until 31/01/2023 at 12pm

    Competition week 15: Start Date and End Date. From 01/02/2023 at 00:01am until 07/02/2023 at 12pm

    Competition week 16: Start Date and End Date. From 08/02/2023 at 00:01am until 14/02/2023 at 12pm

    Competition week 17: Start Date and End Date. From 15/02/2023 at 00:01am until 21/02/2023 at 12pm

    Competition week 18: Start Date and End Date. From 22/02/2023 at 00:01am until 28/02/2023 at 12pm

    Competition week 19: Start Date and End Date. From 01/03/2023 at 00:01am until 07/03/2023 at 12pm

    Competition week 20: Start Date and End Date. From 08/03/2023 at 00:01am until 14/03/2023 at 12pm

    Competition week 21: Start Date and End Date. From 15/03/2023 at 00:01am until 21/03/2023 at 12pm

    Competition week 22: Start Date and End Date. From 22/03/2023 at 00:01am until 28/03/2023 at 12pm

    Competition week 23: Start Date and End Date. From 29/03/2023 at 00:01am until 04/04/2023 at 12pm

    Competition week 24: Start Date and End Date. From 05/04/2023 at 00:01am until 11/04/2023 at 12pm

    Competition week 25: Start Date and End Date. From 12/04/2023 at 00:01am until 18/04/2023 at 12pm

    Competition week 26: Start Date and End Date. From 19/04/2023 at 00:01am until 25/04/2023 at 12pm

    Competition week 27: Start Date and End Date. From 26/04/2023 at 00:01am until 02/05/2023 at 12pm

    Competition week 28: Start Date and End Date. From 03/05/2023 at 00:01am until 09/05/2023 at 12pm

    Competition week 29: Start Date and End Date. From 10/05/2023 at 00:01am until 16/05/2023 at 12pm

    Competition week 30: Start Date and End Date. From 17/05/2023 at 00:01am until 23/05/2023 at 12pm

    Competition week 31: Start Date and End Date. From 24/05/2023 at 00:01am until 30/05/2023 at 12pm

    Competition week 32: Start Date and End Date. From 31/05/2023 at 00:01am until 06/06/2023 at 12pm

    Competition week 33: Start Date and End Date. From 07/06/2023 at 00:01am until 13/06/2023 at 12pm

    Competition week 34: Start Date and End Date. From 14/06/2023 at 00:01am until 20/06/2023 at 12pm


    Entries received before the Start Time or after the End Time will be invalid.



    • Open to UK residents aged [18] years or over on date of entry.
    • Our employees (and their family members) or employees of any company involved in the Competition, including any Prize Provider, are not permitted to enter.
    • We reserve the right to disqualify any entrant or winner who does not comply with any of the eligibility criteria and/or is in breach of these Terms. We reserve the right to repeat the competition mechanic or any stage of it in order to draw a winner that fulfils all of the eligibility criteria and is in compliance with these Terms.

    5. THE PRIZE

    Every Wednesday for the duration of the competition a different winner will receive the following prize (the “Prize”):


    There will be 34 winners of £200 Sainsbury’s, provided by Bauer Media








    1.       DATA PROTECTION. Names, email addresses, and /or telephone numbers (which, for all SMS competitions, will be shared with our SMS provider) will be collected and used to process entries. Winner’s details may be given to a Prize Provider to arrange delivery of the prize.  Your details may remain stored after the End Date but will not be used for marketing unless you have ticked an opt-in box on entry. For SMS entries you automatically consent to receive marketing. You may opt out at any time by texting the word STOP to the relevant text shortcode number. If you have opted in to receive marketing communications, then your details will be used in accordance with the information given when you ticked the opt-in box and gave your consent. For more details, see:  http://www.bauerdatapromise.co.uk/


    2.       INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AND CONSENTS. By entering this Competition, you are consenting to our use of your entry both to publicise this Competition, our radio station or any other radio station which we own or control. This means that we may use all names, images, descriptions, photographs video footage, and other information, which you have submitted on entry, in any media, without paying you any remuneration therefore and without any time restriction. You also agree that we may film, record or photograph you in connection with the competition and /or the Prize if applicable. We will own these films, recordings or photographs and we may use them publicly, including on the internet, for our radio broadcasts and/or for any promotional purposes. You will also have waived any moral rights or right to payment that you may have had.


    3.       MISCELLANEOUS.


    • Entries which do not comply with these Terms or the General Competition Terms and Conditions will not be accepted and any entries may be disqualified if we have any reason to suspect that there is a breach of, or non-compliance with, these Terms.
    • Where a competition mechanic involves the answering of questions, the correct answers to questions must match our answers to win (or be sufficiently close in our sole reasonable opinion) to be acceptable. In the event of any dispute about any answers given and whether they are correct, we reserve the right to amend what we deem a correct answer, however we are not obliged to, and our decision in either case is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
    • We are not responsible if you fail to get through when you call / text to enter, or if you lose signal during a call.
    • You are responsible for all costs of entry and where necessary, obtaining the bill payer’s permission. Please refer to your tariff with your network provider for information about charges you may incur for entry into our competitions via any SMS or phone call entry route.
    • We accept no liability for network, technical or signal errors, issues or failures experienced by entrants when entering the competition or at any stage during the mechanic of the competition.
    • Whilst on-air, you must not make any inappropriate, profane, indecent, harmful or offensive statements. If you do so we reserve the right to take you off-air immediately and disqualify you from the competition. You may be also disqualified from the competition at any time if you are incomprehensible, inaudible or if you appear to be driving, intoxicated or likely to offend listeners. Any prize already won may be withdrawn and re-awarded to another entrant.
    • As far as it is lawful to do so we exclude our liability for any losses suffered in connection with the Competition or any element of the Prize.


    We may cancel, end or suspend the Competition where we are required to do so in circumstances outside our control. We reserve the right to amend these Terms at any stage during the Competition if such amendment is necessary to facilitate the administration of the Competition.



    4.          CONTACT DETAILS. Any concerns? Please email: [[email protected]]. Correspondence will not be entered into regarding any competition which has closed more than 14 days prior to correspondence being received.


    Bauer Radio Limited is the promoter of this Competition, see: http://www.bauerlegal.co.uk/radio-website-terms.html for details of our registered office and company number.

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