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Council Tax liability Order - HELP

Hi all,.

I was wondering if anyone can help I have found myself in and out of debt for council tax for years. There is no excuse I owe the money. 

The reason for not paying has allways been struggle to hold down a job. Allways agency in and out of work and benefits and I have accumulated some debt. 

I have spoken to the council before and I have tried to stick to a debt plan but I allways made it clear I did not earn enough to pay anytbing back which was not affordable. They always wanted large amounts ontop of paging my current countil tax. I allways have disputes over some of the properties I owe council tax on. For example been billed for a year but only lived there 6 months etc...

So long story short I have finally got myself retrained and got myself a trade and managed to turn my life around pay off debts and become a better person. Like eveything in life the council tax has come back to haunt me and applied a liability order. 

They want £120 PCM ontop of £120 current council tax which is still not feasible but I don't want to further get myself into finical hardship over council tax as this seems to be a never ending spiral. 

I can basically afford to pay my current council tax. I could afford an additional smaller payment to arrears but they never accept it. 

Is there anything I can do ?



  • EssexHebridean
    Council tax is a non-negotiable, and you need to address this debt as a matter or urgency. the good news is that it sounds as though you are now in a better place with regard to work and income.

    My suggestion would be that you need to put together your Statement of Affairs or SOA - you will find a link in my signature to one of the calculators we suggest using for this. Complete it accurately and openly - it needs to show your spending as it is now, not as you think it "should be", so just fill in what you actually spend in each area as things stand. use the format for MSE option, and then copy and paste it into a post on this thread and we can take a look and see if we can identify any savings you may be able to make to get the council tax situation sorted. 
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    Unfortunately CT is a priority bill. Which means that if you don't pay it, things start with the liability order then progress to bailiffs which is a lot more expensive. Never let a bailiff in but even if they visit, they can whack on the fees.

    Are you paying over 12 months or 10 months?

    Do you have any consumer debts? If so, stop paying them and concentrate on the CT. Anything you can sell, ditto.

    And if you have in the past paid for 12 months when you only lived there 6 months, you need to revisit and try to reclaim but right now sort out the current situation.

    And it would help if you could put up more detail. Is the liability order for 22/23? How much is the debt and how much did you pay?

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    If you can afford '£120 plus something smaller' then pay this anyway - you can usually force this on them through their website.

    When you're out of work (and if you're in work but on a low wage) do you claim council tax support?

    You can check this through turn2us


    If you get into a dispute over how much you owe, ask your local councillor to look at it.


    As there is a liability order you do need to be talking to them to avoid it going to bailiffs and getting further £310 charges. Ask us how to handle bailiffs if that happens

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