EON and pay as you go pre payment meters/faulty meter

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Can anyone help.  we believe we have a faulty meter. the last straw came last night. We had £2.58 on the meter. This morning no warning just checked the meter and it clicked over to emergency without putting the key, in No tumble dryer, no washing machine on last night or this morning just telly, freezer and fridge. Now this has been going on for some time and so we raised it with EON next who refused to come out and check the meter.  Any advice on how we can resolve this issue. We have involved the ombudsman but this still does not explain the meter reading. the standing charge is supposed to cover call out of reading meters. We have a pay as you go meter that now, does not emit a warring  bleep to let you know you are on low funds. This was never a problem  a few years ago as the meter worked properly. We are well aware of the switching off this and that and we are on two tariffs cheaper one a night. Where has the money gone from 2.58 to emergency credit. Daily standing charge is 21 pence a day. I expected a pound to be left on the meter at the most. Can anyone help please. Thanks, from Fedup.


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