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yet again we are being caught out by our electricity providers.  I am on economy 7.  we check our meter at least twice a week.  We used to put on our appliances overnight on what we thought was low rate.  But we now monitor it as this week it has gone from 9am - 4pm on low to starting low at about 4pm until probably about 11pm. They should be made to notify us.  we are in district 19, check your last invoice and it tells you on the last page - well hidden! so my advice is check your meter frequently.


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    The supplier may well not know - it could be that the time clock on your meter has slipped and that is causing the issue. 

    How do you know that things have changed, would be my first question? 
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     They should be made to notify us.  
    They wouldnt know if you dont tell them.  My economy meter time moves once or twice a year.   Its currently 7.50am to 2.50pm.   It is in my favour so I am in no hurry to tell them.  Hopefully in a few more months it will shift a bit more towards the evening.

    Your timer seems to be more in your favour too.  (on typical use patterns)  4pm to 11pm is just about perfect for an incorrect timer.
    so my advice is check your meter frequently.
    That is sensible advice irrespective of your tariff.

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