Housing association and no hot water downstairs

I am hoping someone can give me some advice. I rent from housing association. In July last year we suddenly could not get hot water downstairs. Downstairs we have a sink in kitchen and we have a small wet room downstairs that has a sink. No hot water from either tap downstairs.

A boiler engineer was coming out day we lost hot water downstairs to service boiler and had a look for us, they did something and we got hot water back. But this didn't last long. Days later no hot water again downstairs.

Contacted housing association and they kept saying they would send out a engineer but no one ever came.  On 21st November boiler went completely no heating or hot water.
Again tried contacted housing association but could not get through or they promised to phone back but never did. 

We were left for over 2 weeks without heating or hot water. In temperatures as low as -5 with snow out side on ground.  I have 4 children with special needs and medical conditions.

I made a complaint and they eventually sent a engineer out who clearly did not know what he was doing and clearly had no experience.  He even said to my face he had no experience. He looked at boiler and started wacking it with a wrench. I wish I was joking but sadly I'm not.

He then declared he did not know what was wrong could not fix, handed us 2 tiny electric heaters and left.

The 2 heaters he gave, 1 didnt work completely dead , the other smelt strongly of burning so didn't feel safe using it.

We had to go out and buy our own electric heaters.

Any way 5 days later another boiler Engineer comes, very rude guy had to explain everything again. He said he would have to order a part then left.

1 week later another different boiler engineer came a very nice guy. He replaced pressure switch and got boiler working. We had heating and hot water upstairs but still no hot water down stairs.

He said he thought it was probably the blender valve causing no hot water down stairs, the blender valve was leaking a bit.
He said he would have to order a new blender valve and would come back and install it.

Well I had heard nothing until today when the rude boiler engineer that came the second time turned up again today with out making a appointment or informing us they were coming. 

I let him in any way, explained again and told him what previous engineer had said and he was so rude and threatening, shouting at me. He did not want to do the Job , insisted it was a problem with our taps.

Previous boiler engineer ruled out a problem with taps. We have turned off hot water to each hot tap downstairs one at a time and tried the other tap but still no hot water. I've even replaced the taps just to make sure, so I'm sure it's not the taps.

He eventually angrily stormed out to his van to get part. I felt shocked and shaken up so went and got my husband as did not feel comfortable around this boiler engineer.

He replaced blender valve but this did not fix problem. We still have no hot water downstairs in kitchen or wetroom. 
I don't know if it matters but he put a completely different blender valve to what was there before, looks like he chopped the copper pipe to bits and put connectors to connectors, quiet a few of them.

New blender valve is still dripping.

I don't know what to do. I don't want the boiler company that housing association use coming back to my house again. 

I don't trust them or feel safe or comfortable with there boiler engineers. It feels like we are going to be stuck with no hot water downstairs for ever.

I've complain but they just brushed off my complaint. When I originally complained about being left weeks with out heating or hot water, they tried to blame it on a IT error and won't take any responsibility or do anything. 

I haven't even had a appology.  Where do I go from here. Can I get a engineer in my self and pay my self to get it fixed once and for all. It's been months without hot water down stairs. I think I've been more than reasonable and have waited long enough. I can't see housing association ever fixing it 

Or could I get in to trouble for getting a engineer or plumber in my self.

I was thinking of contacting housing osbussman or my MP would this be a good or bad idea. 

Any advice much appreciated 

Sorry this is so long

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read.


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