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Hi, newbie here but in desperate help. 

My boyfriend lives in a one bedroom terraced very small place. His meter says he is using 20 kw of electricity every day but he isn’t even there. He is at work. When he comes home he sits in candle light, he uses a fire for heating. He has one quick shower a day, puts the oven on only to cook.

It’s heartbreaking as ovo don’t care. They say that he owes over £2500 in electricity for the last 3 months. 

They have said that if he wants the meter checked he will have to pay for someone to come out and look at it.

It’s really effecting his
mental health and I’m really worried about him. 

Any help would be amazing 
thanks for reading 


  • Brie
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    Does the meter readings he can take agree with what OVO claim he is using?  And I'm assuming from what you say there's no gas.  And that he moved in there 3 months back?  Or why is it that suddenly his use appears to have increased?
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  • Mstty
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    20kwh a day for three months would cost approx £650 at 34p kWh plus standing charge not £2500

    What you need is the start reading from when he moved in and the reading today or tomorrow and come back to the forum with that information.
  • GingerTim
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    Does he have an immersion heater or suchlike stuck on all the time that he doesn't know about?
  • Gerry1
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    Using candles will be far, far more expensive than electric light, as well as an unnecessary fire risk.
    Five hours of candlelight: 50p.
    Five hours using a 6W filamentary LED bulb (60W equivalent) @ 34p/kWh: 1.02p
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  • Spoonie_Turtle
    Just for a fuller picture, what type of heating is in his house (even if he doesn't turn it on)?  When you say a fire, do you mean an electric fire or an actual burning wood fire?
  • victor2
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    If you can show suitably redacted pictures of his latest statements, people might be able to help. The £2500 bill for 3 months doesn't quite match the claimed daily usage. How long has he lived there? Does he provide readings, or has a smart meter, or have estimates been used and a recent actual reading has caught up after low estimates? Is he electric only? 

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    It’s heartbreaking as ovo don’t care. 

    Any help would be amazing 
    thanks for reading 
    On face value this is not OVO's problem - as above meter reads, type of heating ............    or a combination thereof. Meter and billing issues not withstanding.

    I await your boyfriends response to the questions above
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  • serpico100
    Mstty said:
    20kwh a day for three months would cost approx £650 at 34p kWh plus standing charge not £2500

    Minus the 3 months energy support payments which brings it down to £450
  • macman
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    OP, please can you post either a redacted copy of a recent bill, or some meter readings (one current, one from maybe 3m back, and a year back if possible). We ideally need to know the annual usage.
    How is the property heated and hot watered?
    As pointed out above, he cannot possibly have run up £2.5k of usage in 3 months, which indicates that he already had a debt of nearly £2k before that point. 20kWh per day is quite low usage if the property is all electric, that's about £210 per month, and of course much lower outside the winter season.
    What is  the billing history prior to the winter season?
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