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Hello! I had a Barclaycard that was put into persistent debt. Around 2021 I tried to work with Barclaycard to cleat down a £13.5k balance in under 3 years but they did not accept my proposal. I then did not hear from them until just before Christmas 2022 where they advised me that they'd transferred my account to a company called Link Financial, who've subsequently written to me and asked me to contact them - I have not as yet as I have read a lot of negative content online about them and the guidance I am seeing is to NOT contact Link Financial / admit liability to the debt as they're not your original creditor. I am confused as to what I should do and would appreciate any guidance / advice. Thanks in advance


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    Contact Link.  You don't need to admit liability to the debt as you will have already done that with your dealings with Barclaycard. 

    You don't need to admit it again to subsequent owners of the debt - just the once is fine.
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    Contact Link in writing. Not over the phone where they can encourage you to pay more than you can afford.

    Be aware that many letters sent out by debt collectors include warnings about dire consequences that might befall if you don't pay. You might also win the lottery?

    Come back for advice if you are worried by anything.
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    Barclaycard will likely have sold your debt to Link.

    Link will run through their standard selection of collection letters with you.

    Link Financial will have inherited all the rights and privilege's of the original creditor, admitting liability is neither here nor there, and is irrelevant to be honest, the only thing that makes any difference is if Link can prove you are liable for the debt, or not.

    Standard practice when a debt purchasing company writes to you asking for money, is to send them the "provit letter", should they be able to provide evidence in the form of a correctly executed credit agreement, then you would be wise to make payment arrangements with them.

    If on the other hand they can`t provide you with any evidence, this means they cannot take action through the courts to recover what is owed, so you can concentrate on more pressing matters, should you wish too.
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    I have contacted Link to settle a debt with a F&F offer, I feel they are giving me the run around as they are saying they have not received it despite me sending it three times.  I accrued the debt after a relationship breakdown due to domestic violence, I have submitted police reports and the restraining order and also that I was unable to go through the CSA to get child maintenance as he was a non UK resident and as such was untouchable, this massively impacted my finances.  I am hoping they take this into consideration. It is a £4k debt. 
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