One investment company requiring Grant of Probate

My MIL passed away suddenly and unexpectedly at the beginning of December, and I have been helping my FIL work through their bank account and investments to work out what the next steps are, now that we have the interim death certificate.  Most of it is pretty straightforward, the bank accounts that were in her name solely had small amounts in them, so just need to speak to bank and get them closed and the money transferred to my FIL (all of their accounts both individual and joint are with the same bank, so really just one meeting). 

However, my MIL had a couple of investments/portfolios and when I contact them the first one was happy to either transfer the account in to FIL name, or cash it out to him, but the other (the smaller of the two), has said that they require a grant of probate to release the capital to my FIL, I suppose that there is no way around this, if this is their "policy"?.

They don't own the property that they lived in, and my FIL has moved in with my SIL for the time-being, so other than what I have already stated, I think that it t is just the value of her possessions that I think I need to put a value on.  How does one go about working this out, we are not talking about any valuable items, just small amount of jewellery (more sentimental than valuable), and clothing really.  Do you just have a "fair guess"?  Anything else, furniture etc will go to my FIL for now.

I had a quick look at the forms, it all looked simple enough, I feel I should be able to do this without using a solicitor.

Thanks in advance for any assistance/guidance.


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    I just put a nominal fgure in the £500 to £1,000 ballpark for the value of possessions. Which ended up being fair as most things went to charity or house clearance.

    I don't know the answer to your other question but it would be frustrating if need to pay £273 for probate simply to satisfy a single companies policy.Have you tried their bereavement team?
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