NCD - Loss of Years Due to Working From Home

Good Afternoon, Since the first Covid lockdown I have found myself working from home, travelling to the office very rarely. Due to this we became a one car family and I became a named driver on my wives' car insurance. We have recently been requested to return to working in the office, on certain days and due to this I purchased a car and obtained car insurance. When asked for proof of my NCD I forwarded the last insurance paperwork I held, which related to 2 years back. Insurance company have informed me that due to the gap I have lost those years and will return to zero. I informed them that I had still been driving during that period and that I was a named driver on my wives' insurance, had no accidents, fines etc. but have just been told that as not my insurance policy I am back to zero once again. Surely this cannot be correct?


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    They don't have to honour any discount - as thats what it is.
    I think if you stop for a year, you should be ok but more than two it's back to zero.
    You could try a broker and see if they know anyone who will do a reduction based on it, but after fees etc you may not be better off.
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    StephenEH said:
    Surely this cannot be correct?

    It surely can.

    The loss of NCD is not due to you working from home - many people have been WFH and still have their NCD.  It was due to you no longer having your own insurance policy.

    You may find an insurer who will give you some credit for being a named driver on your wife's policy, but they're a rarity so you'll need to hunt around.
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    Historically there were one or two companies that accepted NCD up to 3 years old. Coop used to be the most notable however they changed their capacity provider and now they are 2 years too. If you search you may find another firm but you may discover that their price is higher even with the discount if you dont meet their target market... some may say it'd be worth paying the inflated premium just to reinstate your NCD for the following year but that's a gamble that only you can decide if its worth it
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    Admiral will accept NCD up to three years after you last had a policy of your own (apparently a recent change)
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    You can either accept it and pay the increased premium if they will still allow you to or cancel and go somewhere else, but there might be a cancellation charge.

    If you decide to cancel the policy, make sure you cancel it before your insurance company does or there will be a world of pain for ever more. 

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