Enforcing an unpaid court order

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I bought a car a year ago which turned out to be faulty and after a dispute, the court has ruled a payment, The date has now expired for payment and have been given some options to pursue the money. These are - issue of a warrant of control by the CC, or employ a high court enforcement officer (more expensive but potentially affordable).

As the total claim amount is £5,758.69 I am unclear as to whether I can or can not issue a Warrant of Control as it is over £5000. Could I request £5000 with the rest owing? Or should I be completing form N293A to apply at the High Court 

Do not have any more knowledge of either path other than a google and the descriptions given by the CC.

Would one of these steps have benefits and do they guarantee return? - Or would there be any other options to enforce? Such as a  'Charging order' or freezing money or assets in account with a 'third party debt order'

I'm rather confused about all of this any advice is gratefully received. 
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