Increased Pension Contributions and tax taper rate

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I’m going to hit the £100k taper rate and have been told I can increase my pensions contributions for the rest of the tax year up to 50%, will that impact the amount of tax I pay and or the taper rate please? 

Thank you 


  • Dazed_and_C0nfusedDazed_and_C0nfused Forumite
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    Tapered Personal Allowance is based on adjusted net income and pension contributions generally reduce that, making them very tax efficient.

    But you need to know which method would be used to get the money into the pension to fully understand how this would work.

    The normal options are,

    Net pay
    Relief at source
    Salary sacrifice

  • mcnicm20mcnicm20 Forumite
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    Unfortunately not a clue. I work from an umbrella company so they’re just increasing my employee contributions 
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    Most Umbrella Companies will operate pension as Salary Sacrifice.
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