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I’ve not seen this reported anywhere it may have come up before but on the off chance it hasn’t and it’s not just me I thought it worth getting out there. 

I am on E7 due to a lack of gas to this property and have been really conservative with the heating this winter. I only put it on when the living room hit 15 degrees in November and I’d run out of coats. 

I’ve been judging my usage via the Scottish Power app and after putting on the heating it reported that I was using some £15 a day. High sure but given 2 storage heaters and an immersion didn’t really think anything of it. But I’ve been strategically turning the heating off and shortened the immersion run through the use of a timer. Basically this winter has been uncomfortable. 

My bill for Oct to Jan came through today. It was some £300 and I’m still £90 in credit. Now if I’ve been using £15 a day and apparently £441 in December alone that couldn’t be right. 

I manually calculated the bill and it is correct. The app is calculating usage costs incorrectly for E7 customers. Or at least for me but I highly doubt I’m the only one. What it is doing is taking the daily usage multiplying the whole day by the day rate and slapping on the standing charge. It’s ignoring the night rate altogether. 

I haven’t been using £15 a day I’ve been using £5. 

Now while this is a pleasant surprise in terms of spending, I suspect there are other people, who like me, have been using this app (apparently recently awarded energy app of the year) to judge whether or not they could afford to put the heating on and it’s reporting wildly inflated figures when you do and have unnecessarily been sat in the cold. 

My bill is correct, I’ve paid the right amount. But I could have afforded to but the heating on way earlier than I did and not be completely miserable sat in the cold. 

Please check your apps if you’re on E7 and manually calculate it yourself. 

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