Bathroom leak again after 14 months

Hi I had a large leak from behind bathroom shower head. Big job had to move out for four months and repaired through insurance by very reputable company. Alas after 14 month mould has reappeared in nearly same place but I think the guarantee was for 12 months so do you feel the company that did the work would return to repair if 12 months has passed to 14 months?I live in block of flats and the in house committee are unkind and blamed me for the huge increase in premium and it has caused big animosity here. (Insurance company informed me this wasn’t the case but wouldn’t reinsure the block due to other previous claims so there is a new insurance company) ) so I am worried the committee will get a patch up job done to not go through insurance as committee use two men locally who I don’t trust because they quoted to do the job by saying to open bathroom window and it would dry out, (mould behind shower head was horrendous and dangerous ) but loss adjuster said that would never have worked, it took 5 industrial dryers two weeks to dry out the flat then a strip out of bathroom hall and bedroom.  As I said committee don’t want to use insurance which I understand but I don’t want a patch up as I want to move. . I am at wits end as to what to do, what would you suggest please?
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    Is it just possible that the mould growth is simply due to the area not having dried out fully since the original repair was done? That, combined with additional (normal) moisture from showers being taken since?

    How about you buying a mould removal product and use that to remove the mould yourself? I use the HG brand and I find it very effective.

    Also, do you dry your shower area off after each use? We use one of those little window vacuums, then a microfibre cloth to dry the whole area. Mould doesn't get a chance to grow. Only a small area on the corner of our bathroom ceiling seems to be susceptible, so that's where I use the HG stuff - vary rarely though.

    If that sounds too much, try using a mould remover then dry off only that area every time you finish a shower.
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