Desperate for travel insurance illness claim advice! Please help!

Hello all,

We'd planned the trip of a lifetime, pre-Covid, and having had to postpone it twice, finally got to the airport in October.

(For context, it was a 5 day USA city break, costing over £5k)

On the way to the airport, I wasn't feeling great and ended up having to run frequently from the check-in queue to the loo, where I was violently ill in the worst ways.

I quickly realised that there was no way I could board the plane in the state I was in, and once I felt able to get in the car, we went home, absolutely devastated.

It turned out to be a 24 hr thing - whether it was a bug or food poisoning, I don't know.

What I didn't do was seek further medical advice. I felt too ill initially to do anything other than rest, and i felt better within about 36 hrs  so there was no good reason to call the GP. Oh, for the benefit of hindsight...

Anyway, the insurance company won't take forward my claim without medical evidence or a certificate, and my GP have advised that they're unable to do this retrospecively. 

Does anyone have any further advice please? Could I pay privately for a backdated certificate, or do I not have a leg to stand on?

£5k is such a vast amount of money for us (and so many people) to lose - I'm so upset.

Thank you


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