Monitor returned under warranty, damaged in transit, now unrepairable

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£200 monitor bought online from LaptopsDirect, developed a relatively minor fault, sent for repair under warranty to Equinox in Tewkesbury who arranged the collection by DHL.

I've been informed that the monitor got damaged in transit 'due to insufficient packaging', which isn't covered by the warranty. It is now unrepairable, so did I want it back or shall they bin it.

They included the pictures below of the non-working monitor and the crack which is the damage in question; I've also included a picture I took of the fault it was being returned for, the border that had appeared in the top right hand corner.

I returned the monitor in the box it was delivered in, including polystyrene monitor-shaped inserts, and have asked (email) Equinox for pictures of the packaging to try to get some idea of what happened to it. They have ignored me.

I spoke to Citizens Advice earlier and they said that Equinox are responsible for ensuring the return reaches them safely, although I'm not sure how that works with me doing the packaging. Would it have been up to DHL to reject the collection if they deemed the packaging insufficient? Have they/Equinox accepted responsibility by taking it?

DHL do offer insurance cover (£12), but as the collection was arranged by Equinox, wouldn't it be up to them to include such cover if they thought there was a risk of the item getting damaged?

I'm not at all certain of getting anything back from this, but thought I ought to at least explore any options. If anyone has any advice, ideally with references to appropriate bits of consumer rights legislation, then that would be very much appreciated.


Pictures from Equinox of damage which occurred in transit - the crack in the corner (although it's not very clear)... 

which has resulted in this:

Whereas this is my picture of the relatively minor fault that I was hoping would be repaired:

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