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    Sorry I apologise I'm still struggling with the answers,. My works  pensions  at this moment I won't be touching as I don't need to.  I can live off my savings for the time being. I also have money in  an easy access account to see me by for next year. If for example you had an income of approx £11,000 and savings of up to say  £100,000  how much would you personally put into a fixed rate account for a year let's say at 4% and make sure the rest is in ISA s . Think I'm looking for approx figures than a general reply which to me is still not clear although I admit it is to others  :smiley:

    You originally said  you had pension income of £11,000.

    You will never ever get the correct answer unless you provide clear unambiguous information.
    In my first post I said  my total income at the moment was  was  approx £11,000 from my goverment pension?
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