What to do with unneeded rocks?

I have rocks from a garden rockery which i no longer need, i wonder what to do with them because my other half feels that having them lying around the garden is a temptation for intruders.
I thought of bashing them up and putting some in a black bag then into the bin in separate doses due to the weight, i thought of getting some gabion baskets for them but they seem to expensive.
Any ideas folks?
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    Advertise them on Freecycle or FB Marketplace. They are expensive to buy for rockeries and some people use them to stop cars driving over their front gardens.
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    As above, advertise them - offer them free to anyone that can collect, or you might even be able to get a bit for them.  Yes, they can be expensive to buy, so if anyone's needing some they'll snap them up.
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    Any part of your garden needing drainage improved? , dig hole and put them in there as a soakaway, any soil you remove and is left over can be used for to replenish beds.
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    Advertise them for collection on Marketplace for someone else's rockery
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    If you definitely have no use for them elsewhere in your garden, I'm sure someone on faceache will be happy to take them off your hands, but make sure to stipulate collection only!

    We inherited loads (mostly hidden in the half acre undergrowth!) when we bought our current house and are gradually finding uses for them (as edging, dry stone walling etc). We have recently gifted ourselves loads more by rebuilding an extension....

    At a previous house we took down a stone outbuilding to build an extension and were left with some truly massive rocks of Shaftesbury greenstone that were barely movable. We actually traded them in at a salvage yard for a table priced up at £600...the salvage guys took best part of a day to remove them from our garden. They probably did better than us from the deal but we were happy! 

    Might your local salvage yard be interested?
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    Put them on your driveway with a 'FREE' sign. They'll be gone in no time (and you're recycling)!
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