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Garage problems

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Hi everyone,

I took my car for its m.o.t and it failed on one of the rear brakes binding, took it to a garage and after inspecting told me the caliper was seized, I gave the go ahead to replace.

before I took the car in I had a nice firm brake pedal, since the works been done it’s had a lot of travel only for me to push it to the floor while sitting in traffic (I took it for its retest and it passed)

telephoned the garage as I don’t like the way the pedal is feeling and they told me to bring the car down which I did, they told me the pedal is normal and that with the faulty caliper the brakes were working at 75% now it’s fixed they are working 100% therefore need more pressure on the pedal.

Does a brake pedal which has a lot of travel seem right to you reading ? It’s been a few years since I’ve owned a car and only purchased this in October 

to me the brake pedal should only have minimal travel not a lot which mine has

what are my options as to what I can do ?



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    Important things is that pedal should be firm and not travel anymore than it did before the new caliper was fitted.  Brakes may need bleeding again.  Take it to another garage and ask for a second opinion if worried
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  • Kolakuble2021Kolakuble2021 Forumite
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    Many thanks for the reply, I took it back to the garage and they bled all 4 brakes unfortunately it’s only made a slight difference

    if it don’t improve or gets worse I’ll take it elsewhere 
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