Telephone payments declined due to new security features

Following the new security implementation,  my bank has changed my Visa Debit Card to a Mastercard Debit Card

I had to change my card details on a payment but it was declined as the intended recipient try to take the money immediately without me authorising the payment via the app as this transaction was made over the phone

I very rarely make payments over the phone but when I have done previously it was important 

I understand the importantance of this security feature but I as I currently have only one form of payment t method I am considering getting another secondary account for this emergency 

I've tried asking my bank how people without the app or online banking get round this feature and they were not helpful. I don't know if Visa are implementing the same process but is there any very basic accounts with debit cards that I can get so I know I won't be stranded. 

The thing that crosses my mind is a couple of years ago I was stranded by the roadside and needed to make a phone payment in order to get roadside rescue. If this payment had been declined I would have been stuck. Yes, it is a scenario I hope not to be in, but if I were I need a b plan.


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    The reason for the decline is not clear from your post but for sure you are right to realise that you should not rely on a single means of payment. Just open another account with any bank, it doesn't need to be 'very basic'.
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    Thanks @eDicky

    Unfortunately the reason for decline isn't clear to me either. The retailer said that when they type the card details into the payment system, the system tries to take the money immediately.  But this doesnt allow for an authorisation (in the bank app) so it is declined. When I buy something online, websites have a message to say go to your banking app to approve the transaction,  this option isn't available when paying over the phone. The retailer said it isnt there blockage at their end or my bank

    Because of this, I didn't know if it was th fact my accounts are online/ in an app or tied to Mastercard debit card. I never had an issue with a Visa debit card. 

    I asked my bank whi said it was the retailers issue, but totally blank my questions about why the option to authorise the payment doesn't come up. So my concern if I take another bank account that has an online option, I would be in the same boat. 

    I don't understand it nor can find the correct question to put in google to find out an answer. 

    I do know at my last job we had a Mastercard credit card and we had so many problems with it using it over the phone or on websites for retailers that didnt have the system in place to delay the payments. It's so frustrating and certainly concerning enough for me to take open an 'emergency' bank account but with another bank.
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    The issue you're describing relates to two factor authentication, which is used to validate online payments, but not those transacted by phone.

    It's unclear exactly why this one was declined but it's not because you weren't given the opportunity to authorise it via the app, as that won't apply to a phone payment, regardless of whether it's Visa or Mastercard, and it would be the same with other banks too....
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    I have a Mastercard and have paid over the phone. 

    I do not use an app. I don't know if that male a difference.

    Is it not that the retailer's system is not  set up for the two factor authorisation.

    There were problems with Amazon when it was first brought in.
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    When contacting bank, you need to ask if they can see the payment & if they can then why it was declined.
    If they can not see the payment, it the issue is either with the retailer, or in the link between retailer & your bank. 

    Main problem seen with phone payments, is either the link from retailer to bank, or retailer is processing the transaction incorrectly. Have seen them do it as swiped or actually customer present. Which will generate either a security check at your bank, or a straight decline as PIN not used.
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    Your bank switching to Mastercard from Visa will have nothing to do with enhanced security, both Visa and Mastercard are perfectly capable of doing these enhanced 3D Secure checks (which they brand as Verified by Visa and Mastercard Securecode respectively). 

    As others have said, telephone payments are not in scope for 3D Secure checks of any sort. I suspect either your bank or yourself have set your card to decline over the phone keyed in payments or there was an issue with the verification details the merchant keyed in (normally digits from postcode and door number), your bank should be able to let you know which it was when you call them.
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    Sounds like the retailer isn't putting it in properly as a cardholder not present, they should be asking for the billing postcode.
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