Daughter leaving uni

My daughter (19) went off to study at uni (moved into halls) in Sept, she had a terrible time and has now decide she is going to come home, she suffers from anxiety and has RA which is being badly affected by her mental health, being away and having such an awful time at uni.
I live in a 2 bed HA flat and have another daughter who is doing A levels and will be going off to uni in Sept next year.
I work full time on a low wage and am receipt of HB, UC and get a little bit of CTR.

What happens if she leaves uni and comes home to stay, she is telling me she does want to carry on and get a degree but wants to live at home while she study's, preferably at the uni nearer to our house but she'll have to wait and enrol for next Sept now as they only intake once a year.
Where does this leave me in terms of HB? If she leaves now, gives up her course place and pays back her student loan/maintenance loan and waits to start again in Sept 23, what happens with my HB in the intervening months and beyond when she restarts uni?

We have tried to claim PIP for her about a year ago because of her RA but we were turned down (I have had a stroke and have also tried to claim for me too, but I was also turned down and like so many people I just didn't have the energy to force the issue although I struggle with various things).

Any advice or pointing in the right direction for help would be greatly appreciated. 


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    Sorry I'm getting UC no HB (as its included in UC)
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    There is no requirement to pay any of the student loan back outside of the usual criteria for repayment.

    As she is leaving mid course, if her last day is prior to the end of autumn term there may be a small overpayment of maintenance loan but this would be corrected when she resumes studies and applies for her maintenence loan next year.

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    As you're claiming UC then there's no non dependant deductions for the housing element because your daughter is under 21. https://www.entitledto.co.uk/help/non-dependants She may also need to wait until the end of the term to apply.
    If she claims UC herself then she will need to declare her student loan, whether there's any entitlement to UC will depend on how much maintenance loan she received.
    You can apply again for PIP for both of you but if you use the same evidence you previously used you could be refused again. If this happens then i'd advise you both to challenge that decision. You can also get some help to fill out the forms from an agency near you. This link will tell you what advice agency is local to you. https://advicelocal.uk/welfare-benefits

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