Barclays - 2FA - failed payments?

Just wondered on others' experiences here.

Tried to make a payment earlier today; payment was declined and turns out was something to do with Barclays 2FA.

Received a text and reply yes, recognised transaction.

Re-tried payment and was presented with 2FA authentication during payment processing to have code sent over, but no code received.

Tried payment later on and still declined.  Not urgent or anything, but just wondering whether a merchant issue or Barclays.

Would there be a security flag on the debit card.  Can still log onto online banking?

Surely if there was a problem at Barclays, they'll ask you to get in touch?


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    I bank with Barclays and the only confirmation of payments required is the code from PIN sentry (I'm assuming you're using internet banking and not the mobile app). I know Barclays can be a bit hit & miss with larger amounts, not knowing how much you tried to send but maybe that flagged it up as suspicious. I've transferred about £5000 without issues with just PIN sentry code, not sure how larger amounts would work. Don't bet on them asking you to contact them, they've been known to block people out of online banking/cancel transfers without telling the customer (there were some posts about it on here a while ago).
    Would it be possible to split the amount into smaller payments and see if that goes through? If that doesn't work, you may have to call them or visit a branch.
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    Thanks - all sorted now.

    Was only for a miniscule amount.

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