2nd Cost of Living payment

Hi Everyone, 

My partner (77yrs) claimed pension credit for us as a couple including the pension guaranteed element, sadly he passed away on 18th Oct, I (54yrs) have had to make a claim for Universal Credit 20th Oct. (I also receive higher rate of both PIP mobility and daily care).

I contacted UC to ask about the 2nd Cost of Living payment to be told I am now in an assessment period so do not qualify, I contacted Pension Credit who informed me that I do not qualify for the 2nd payment because the claim was in my partners name even though it was for us as a couple and I was named on the claim.
I dont qualify for any bereavement because we were not married although we were together 37yrs.
Ive spoken to CAB who suggested I try and make a claim for the 2nd payment based on me being discriminated against.
Any advice Greatly received


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    You were not a claimant of a qualifying benefit for the relevant time period. Pension Credit is claimed by only one person even though joint circumstances are taken into account.

    You don’t qualify for CoL.

    I find the suggestion by CAB to bring a case of discrimination somewhat bizarre.

    Off topic - if you have not previously been claiming yourself you will not have been receiving NI credits (unless you were working and earning over £123/wee). You may wish to obtain a future State Pension forecast. You will now be getting credits through UC.
    Information I post is for England unless otherwise stated. Some rules may be different in other parts of UK.
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    Thankyou for the reply its Greatly appreciated, I also found the CAB response strange, but he put it down in black and white, also stated I should challenge the bereavement payment decision (we were not married or in a civil partnership so I didnt qualify for any help there either).

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