fake? bailiff slip come through the door

Got home from work today to find a slip of paper in an unaddressed envelope. No addressee named either. Top left HM Courts & Tribunals Service. Top right address and phone number for Preston Combined Court. Message reads "PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE THIS MESSAGE. Please can you contact me as a matter of urgency on (mobile number) Many Thanks, With Compliments Mr (name) County Court Bailiff. 
I have looked up the name on the Certified bailiff register and it does not show up.
I am just wondering if this a scam, as I cannot imagine it is anything to do with my current debts.
There is no CCJ on my credit report, and I have had no letters before action or anything. I did have a private parking fine that I appealed against but was rejected, but I have not had any post after the rejection. I have three credit cards that I stopped paying in June...waiting for defaults before starting self managed DMP. So far 2 have defaulted within the last month. Planning to start DMP in new year. No letters regarding any court action, and I am up to date with council tax and utilities.
So I am not quite sure what is going on or whether to ring the number. I might contact the court directly. any thoughts?


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    Well Preston Court is 
    01772 844 700

    Give them a ring.

    It's probably genuine

    Let us know
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    Update: contacted the court and it was genuine. 
    Spoke to the bailiff. It was for my partner, for a CCJ that had been put aside (due to the debt being included in a debt relief order before the CCJ). Bailiff has updated his records and will be taking no further action.

    if anyone reads this, don't ignore post after getting a debt relief order! in this case the creditor was not aware and went down the CCJ route. Always check the contents of letters especially ones in brown envelopes!
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