Virgin requesting payment I sent a month ago.

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 Cleared my balance in Sept. There was a small amount of trailing interest to pay on October's statement. This was paid same method as all previous payments by internet banking, as is shown on my bank's statement, well in advance of the due by date.
Latest statement from Virgin (Nov) shows no such payment credited and asks for it again.
O.k. I know this will be resolved favourably but it is putting me to a certain amount of work in contacting them about their error but I do not expect they will give me a nice balance or money transfer offer in compensation.


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    No, as those are risk based, rather than goodwill gestures.
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    No reference on the payment?
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    You could ask Virgin for compensation for your worry (whether minimal or not it's still a worry) and time spent trying to solve the problem.

    Something similar happened to me with my Tesco credit card a few months ago and they gave me compensation of £60. It's always worth asking.

    You said " I do not expect they will give me a nice balance or money transfer offer in compensation" -

    and for what it's worth I also have a Virgin card and they've just sent me an offer to the effect that I can have a 0% balance transfer or a 0% money transfer up to my credit limit (£3.5k) if I want. Fee is 2.5% and I might consider it if I wanted to buy something but I don't so I'm going to let this one slide. But they are always sending offers. You could be getting one any time soon?! If not, you could ask them. Tell them you've heard of other customers being offered the same.

    You never get anything if you don't ask. I always ask. Even if they refuse they can't see your embarrassment! (That's what I think anyway.) Works for me. Mostly.
    Please note - taken from the Forum Rules and amended for my own personal use (with thanks) : It is up to you to investigate, check, double-check and check yet again before you make any decisions or take any action based on any information you glean from any of my posts. Although I do carry out careful research before posting and never intend to mislead or supply out-of-date or incorrect information, please do not rely 100% on what you are reading. Verify everything in order to protect yourself as you are responsible for any action you consequently take.
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