Rejecting a car after 30 days

I’ve had my used car for 2 months. It wouldn’t start on Saturday so I called the AA who said it was the alternator so took it back to the dealer as it’s covered under warranty only fit them to say, it’s not the alternator but needs a new battery. They also put in their report that there may be other underlying issues but said there was no point looking any further until the battery was replaced. Since the battery isn’t covered under warranty (although I’m unsure if it should be covered under consumer rights?) I took the car to the Halfords round the corner to get a new battery as the dealership didn’t have any compatible batteries in stock. Battery replaced and car still struggled to start so took it back to the dealer who now say the starter motor needs replacing (covered by warranty) as well as some wiring (which would cost £180 - again, should this be covered under consumer rights?). Also the starter motors are on back order and could take months so in the meantime I have no car (they don’t have any available and only lend them out for up to 28 days anyway). 

Can I reject the car since there are multiple faults? It’s over 30 days so I have to give them the chance to repair but would the first visit to them count? How successful are rejections over 30 days and how much do they normally take off the refund? And I’m assuming that I won’t get anything back on the extended warranty I purchased?


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