BG, Account review and the Government payment

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BG have decided that my electric account is in review ,altho' not due to be completed until 8th December.
 Fine so far ,but the £66 was credited to my account on the 3rd November and is still there as a credit.
Last month, the £66 was credited and debited on the same day and appeared in my bank account about 5 days later. Seems possible that they are "keeping" the £66 pending the review being completed, so that I may not get the cash this month at all. Anyone else noticed this ??


  • ariarnia
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    last month the 1st was on a saturday so that might have meant the times are a bit different accounting wise to this month when the 1st was a tuesday. a few people (not just with BG) have said there dates have been differnt this month than last month so that's a guess. we need at least one more month for a pattern.

    i dont know how you pay but if its by monthly dd (not on having a bill) then i dont think they can keep the money.  the goverment wanted it in people's banks so they can 'see' the cash from the goverment. 
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    Just checked mine, the £66 Gov energy bill discount is showing on 05/11/22 but is yet to show as being refunded to my account. My account was reviewed early October and Im £391 in credit. It may just be a delay on BG side.

    Also I noticed on both my gas & electricity accounts, they were flagged/marked as 'in review' 1 month from the review date (which matches your post) but it wasn't until the actual review date that I had my bill or my account/DD amount was updated. So don't expect them to review it before the 8th December, they just freeze the ability to change/amend your DD until the review is complete.
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    As of this morning ,still no sign of my BG account being debited the £66 in preparation of payment to my bank account. Certainly looking like it's been caught in the account review process.
  • brewerdave
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    So ,now 11 days after DD was credited and 8 days after the Govt. payment was shown on the account, no sign of the £66 being debited to pay into my bank account !!  Account is still "in review".
  • rothesy
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    Hi. An account I look after was in review until 4 November., so about a month. The October £66 payment was not affected by the review. Credited to BG around early October but not sent to bank account until DD around 24th October.  When I got the BG statement, it showed the account as being £75ish in credit and they put payments up by £8 per month.

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