CCSCollect on behalf of Vodafone - Unfair and frustrating treatment

This goes back to June 2022. I took a contract out with FoneHouse. I was told the phone is out of stock and they couldn't tell me when it would be back in, so I went Elsewhere. I then received a notification to say the phone has been dispatched. When received I contacted FoneHouse for an RMA. I was told there isn't one as such but shared info on how to return. From the phone order date to the royal mail evidence of returning the phone, it was well within 14 days cooling period. I have taken it that the start date is the date on the contract letter and the end date is me telling them I want to return. Even if I take the end date as the date, they received the phone back which fell on the 14th day. I met the cooling period. Now Vodafone have chased for an unpaid bill. It feels like FoneHouse haven't told Vodafone in time or Vodafone haven't actioned in a timely manner. It's frustrating as Vodafone have now put a default on my account. I've disputed with evidence (Royal Mail return slip, pictures of phone being boxed, Video of the boxing and emails to and from FoneHouse - yes all seems overkill but had a feeling something would go wrong) to which Vodafone have said 'no you need to pay'. What's crazy is the date they have for me cancelling is a month after I returned the phone, so surely my evidence of returning supersede this. I feel like Vodafone have not listened to common sense and evidence and it's all down to me It feels useless disputing it even with all the evidence, yet they simply say we disagree and put a mark on my credit report. I can't be the only person to have experienced this type of behaviour. Any advise will be appreciated.


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