Nation wide £200 switch bonus as an existing customer

Hi folks. I have a mortgage with Nationwide (NW). I also have a joint (with my partner) account with NW. I also have a current account with Halifax that my wages are paid into. I then move some of this money into my NW joint account each month as thats the account we use for paying bills, mortgage etc. I'm looking to switch my halifax account to NW to get the £200 switching bonus - but usually exisiting customers are excluded from this type of offer. I've looked through the t's and c's for NW switching and couldn't see anything about exisiting customers being excluded -  and I've spoken to a NW agent via online chat and they have advised that I'm not excluded and can transfer my halifax account to NW and receive the £200. 

I just wanted to ask if anyone has heard otherwise - or has done this switch as an exisiting customer of NW and successfully received the £200? Everything I'm reading + the chat with NW suggest I can do it - but I'm still a bit wary as exisiting customers are usually excluded.

Thanks a lot in advance.



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    If existing customers were excluded, the switch offer terms would state so.

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    If you've not benefited for a switching offer since 18th August 2021 then you're good to go. This is also in line of course with the other switch conditions which can be found on the website.

    I think I've missed this one, can't remember when I last switched to them, could be after that date above as I'm still waiting for my £200, not given up just yet.

    I now write down every switch date.🤔
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    The only exclusion is if you have switched to Nationwide since 18th August 2021. I'm an existing Nationwide customer and have switched to them before and received an incentive but it was before August 2021 so I switched an account to them again recently and got my £200. It's an easy one so do take advantage of the offer. 
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