How to find life insurance

Hi eveyone,

Hope you are well? My dad passed in July and we are trying to find his life insurance. The information on this site about going to UAR is incorrect as they no longer exist. There appears to be nothing on his bank account, and we have done everything possible, I feel. Does anyone have any experience of this please, and the steps I can take. Many thanks 


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    Why do you believe there was life insurance?
    How old was he? 

    Experian recently shut down its Untraced Asset Register but there are other companies out there offering services like Gretel (not a recommendation).

    The problem with these services has always been the speed at which items are entered etc. With the old UAR service whole of life policies didn't typically get added until the insured's 100th birthday for example.
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    Sorry for your loss.

    If he's not paying for life insurance i.e. nothing on his bank account, then what leads you to believe he has life insurance?
    Presumably you've found nothing in his paperwork either?
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    For the best part of the last 20 years, premiums would typically be paid by direct debit or standing order.  If you see nothing on the statements, then it's unlikely any insurance exists.

    There are some rarer policies where the premiums became too low to collect (penny policies of the type that stop being sold in the early 90s) that may still exist.    Or if he was a ripe old age where a whole of life plan that didnt need to be paid from age 85-90 (typical range)

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