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Has anybody else experienced this or know how to resolve it?  I have an AJ Bell SIPP and for certain investments the "cost" displays incorrectly.  To give two specific examples:

Ishares PLC ISHARES EURO PTY YLD UCITS ETF EUR DIST - I've made several purchases totalling £6972.24 and one sale totalling £1972.43. so my total "cost" should show as £4991.81.   But it shows as £4,648.16

BlackRock Continental Eurp Inc D Acc - I've made two purchases of £2,000 so my total "cost" should show as £4,000. But it shows as £4110.72

I have about 30 different investments and all of those display correctly.

It's not a massive problem as the value of the portfolio displays correctly but it distorts the performance as the Ishares fund is doing worse and the Blackrock fund is doing better  than the AJ Bell display suggests.



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    I've known it to be a problem elsewhere, but haven't noticed anything at AJ Bell. iWeb have just sent out a mailshot around some upcoming changes to their T&Cs, one of which is to highlight the book cost should not be relied upon. Some platforms allow you to edit it (e.g. ii), but it doesn't look like AJ Bell has that functionality. Performance as calculated using book cost is not very useful if you make any transactions in the period being measured (especially sales). It is better to use a dedicated portfolio tool like those provided by the likes of Trustnet or Morningstar, or track it yourself using a spreadsheet and the internal rate of return or unitisation.
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