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I have employed a builder to build an extension on my house and also supply and install new double-glazing. For the double glazing and doors we paid top price as we wanted a high specification. Our builders ordered and delivered the windows to our property from their supplier. The builders installed two of the windows in the new openings which were created ie new utility and breakfast room. The utility window is faulty and the breakfast room window has lost most of the profile at the top as it's either not fitted correctly or it is of the wrong size to fit the new opening.  For the breakfast room window, our builders are currently in the process of either giving us a small credit if we are prepared to accept the loss of most of the profile. We do not know what amount this will be as yet. The other option they have given is to take this window out completely and knock out part of a brick course and then re-fit.  This would mean us putting up with a lot of mess all over again and the brickwork option will look odd anyway. It will also mean replastering. 

The installation of the windows is still ongoing as we are also having replacement windows in the whole property. The kitchen window fitted yesterday slants at the top from one side to the other and the bathroom window has gaps in the bead. The window fitter has said the bead supplied is not big enough and that is the reason for the gaps. 

Our main question is with who is liable for putting all these issues right?  Is it our builder who ordered the windows and who have fitted the two windows in the new openings? Or is it the window installers (separate company) who have been sent by the builders to install the replacements in the rest of the property?  Or could it be the double glazing manufacturer themselves?  We would like to know this just in case everything is not ultimately finished to the correct standard.

The other question we have is how do we know that the top-spec windows we paid for have been actually installed and are A rated?

Thanks in advance for any guidance which can be provided. 


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    Your contract is with the builder. If they have not ordered and installed the correct windows then it is up to them to remove them and install the correct ones.

    You are under no obligation to accept something different to what was agreed.

    Are the windows for the rest of the house part of the same project e.g. you have paid the builder to organise it?
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    Thanks for the advice.
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