Overpayment - DWP at fault


I was recently awarded LCWRA after a 10 month wait and a cancelled WCA, which was then rescheduled. 

I receive PIP also due to my disabilities and permanent health conditions. 

I have done everything correctly such as submitting fit notes etc to them until I no longer needed to. 

I then received back pay that I was owed. 

I got a letter in my journal telling me that they’ve overpaid me over £1200 and will taking £50.24 per month of my UC. As of this month, that deduction has been made. 

I simply cannot afford this and I’m already struggling due to many factors, not least of all being on my own and the cost of living. 

Is there anything I can do about this? I’m so angry and upset that they’ve made such a huge mistake and as usual it’s the claimants who suffer. 

Thanks for any help/advice! 


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