suspended Amazon account due to fraud

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I've had my Amazon account suspended due to fraud.

Father in law has been diagnosed with Dementia and has been in hospital. They said he was ok to go home instead of a care home pending some updates to his home.

He couldn't remember his pin for his card so my wife suggested to him we register his card with Amazon and get what he needs that way if it works with Amazon or we'll have to sort something with the bank.

I tried the card on my Amazon account, his billing address with delivery to my home. I purchased about £430 worth of stuff he needed all of which can be proven is in his home if it ever came to that.

Got everything ready spoken to him a few times about how he had old things thrown and new things purchased and where we got it from. He was happy, the next day he's gone to the bank and got all confused with what was listed on his account, he's stopped payment for his rent and told the bank he didn't know what Amazon was unknown to us at the time. My wife is his only child.

2 weeks later I get emails coming through from Amazon about fraud on the account, then suddenly find I have been locked out and see that it's related to his card and all the goods I bought with it.

I find out he's told the bank he didn't know what Amazon was and the bank have done a charge back.

I explained to Amazon the situation and they said to me all done by email, that they can take payment from other cards on my account. So I said ok take it from my debit card. I then gets an email saying it was declined and to contact my bank as to why.

I called my bank thinking it was because rather than take the £430 in one go, they've tried to pay for each individual item about 14 items and it's triggered security. No they've got to pay for each individual item and it's triggered on the first one (visa Protection) the guy at the bank said whatever system or software they are using is out of date and it triggering Visa protect which stopped the payment going through. He said it's not the same system they use when you make payments through Amazon when you register your card. So there is nothing he can do about it.

I have gone back to Amazon and said to them well I have a CC linked to the account but that is also visa try that one. If that doesn't work they have told me if I have vouchers on the account they can use them as well. I have suggested if none of the cards work then can they unlock my account so that I can purchase and add gift cards onto the account and they can do it that way. But I suspect they'll say no.

So my other option will be to tell them ok stuff it close my account down and you can whistle for the money.

Has anyone been in this situation before and how do Amazon react to this?


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    I'm surprised Amazon have not rejected the chargebacks as they have the correct delivery address for the account holder.

    Telling them to stuff it, is going to end in a world of pain, as they will chase the funds via debt collection.
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    Do you have a lasting power of attorney?
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    We don't have LPA or as Deputy either we did talk about LPA when we knew he started getting confused but a social worker put it down to old age 79 and not really interacting with anyone after his wife died of Dementia last year. They were looking to get him moved into housing that would support him better.

    In July he got worse and ended up in hospital with Covid and what they thought was a water infection which was the reason why he was so confused. It turns out they said he hadn't had a water infection since 2016 and the 3/4 times he's been in getting treated for it since 2020 could have actually been the build up for dementia. they'd done scans which showed Vascular Dementia.

    Last year we suggested LPA to him and he said no and now it's got too late to apply, same with Deputy it would cost over £1000 to apply for this and take months and months to sort. He's gone down hill since the 2 weeks he came out even and ended up back in again really confused and now probably heading for a Care Home.

    It has been suggested we apply to be an appointee for bills and so forth this would be a better way to go and something we are looking into next week.

    As for Amazon there is no world of pain for me I've done everything I can to pay taking it to a debt company wouldn't be an issue as least I can pay them. Amazon have been hassle to deal with
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