Appealing the MRN about PIP

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I'm supporting someone to make a late appeal about his PIP rejection. the MRN was dated 10/06/2022. We've done what we think is a very convincing and genuine statement about why the appeal is late. For clarity, I am talking about this link 

My questions is this; on the section of the online appeal "Your reasons for appealing", I am a bit confused. Do we need to give them chapter-and-verse at this point, or is this section just a brief summary of why we are appealing? I ask, because, isn't this just the in-between stage before we have the full Tribunal Hearing? (if the late appeal is accepted).

If we fail mention something now on about our reasons for appealing, that we later rely on at the hearing, are we doing ourselves an injustice? Do we have to give everything we have in why we are appealing on the online page, and just repeat the whole argument again at Tribunal (if they accept the late appeal). No matter how good the appeal looks at this stage, they will always make you attend for the actual hearing? Or do HM Tribunals sometimes over-rule the DWP before it even gets to the in-person (or by phone) actual hearing? 

I hope this makes sense what I write here. 


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    A brief explanation is sufficient.
    Information I post is for England unless otherwise stated. Some rules may be different in other parts of UK.
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    calcotti said:
    A brief explanation is sufficient.
    Thank you. My post got published before I actually finished it. It's been tweaked a little, but same thing really, so thanks for your input. 
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    I'd put in full details and include any new medical evidence (or any helpful evidence not sent earlier).
    As I have known the DWP change their decision when they have seen the SSCS1 

    The reason for this is that the DWP employees preparing the appeal bundles appear to be overwhelmed with work. So, they will sometimes decide (given compelling evidence on the MR / SSCS1) that the appeal will succeed, and that they will be wasting their time preparing a case (or are even past the tribunals deadline for submitting their bundle).

    They will then contact the person with an 'offer' - but that's another set of issues.
    However if that 'offer' is reasonable - then it cuts out the stress and wait for an appeal hearing. 

    Alex - is it possible for your person to be helped in his appeal by a local welfare office / advice charity. There are still some Benefits Caseworkers out there who can pick up appeals for vulnerable clients? 
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